Flight Sim Labs A320-X for Prepar3D v4 released

Flight Sim Labs hat soeben den A320-X für Prepar3D v4 released. Besitzer der Prepar3D v3 Version erhalten den A320-X als kostenloses Upgrade für Prepar3D v4. Wir haben bereits die neue Version für einen ausführlichen Review angefragt

Mehr Informationen unter :

Flight Sim Labs Website
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Folgende Neuerungen sind in der neuen Version zu finden:

Security protection mechanism overhaul
– Added Licensing Authority Administrative Security ™ mechanism
– No Enigma Internal Protection Error

External Model
– New v2.0 FSLSpotlights used
– Dynamic lighting techniques with variable brightness depending on day / light conditions
– Various new effects added for lights in low visibility fog conditions
– Haze effects added in cabin
– Various model parts updates
– Texture resolution / quality improved
– CFM engine significantly improved
– Rudder Weather vane logic improvements
– Livery installers updated to support P3Dv4

Virtual Cockpit
– New v2.0 FSLSpotlights used
– Several model part fixes / improvements
– New and improved high resolution textures
– Oxygen test logic added
– PEDAL DISC button clickable and fully animated
– Jumpseat camera viewpoint improved
– Floor / Console lighting added
– Aircraft shadow model added

– 3D Engine overhaul
– IAE / CFM Engine entirely new 3D sounds
– PA recordings added
– ACP can now be heard through headset
– Over 200 distinct sounds added
– APU sounds improved
– Ext Pack sounds improved / added
– Aft outflow valve sounds improved / added
– Avionics sounds improved
– PTU sound improvements
– Cabin power xfer sound effect added
– CFM clanking sound added
– Doppler effect logic added

– SEC FPLN added
– FIX INFO added
– S4/S7 AMI choice introduced
– FM
– Flightplanning analysis logic overhauled
– Discontinuity logic improvements
– AF logic improvements
– AWY work in LST
– Terminal/SEC/ALTN PLAN ND Display corrections
– CRZ ALT updated to PPOS ALT if DES is initiated while
– DIR TO list not selectable if in TMPY
– FPLN page negative distance logic improvements
– NEXT WPT operative
– NM/DIST FPLN page indication on SEC/TO WPT
now PPOS-based if applicable
– ND SEC MSAP path and SEC ALTN path now white
– Lateral path logic improvements for Nav Intcpt calcs
– AIP 3600 entry now considered as track 0
– BLOCK PRED improvements
– Climb predictions tuned
– TRANS ALT/LEVEL adjustments
– Tracking improvements:
– Velocity sampling for Rho estimation
– Radial out logic
– FA/CA/VA legs dynamic placement
– SPD CSTRs now working for dynamic legs
– CRS CAS predictions tuned
– APPR automatic engagement requires NAV in MANAGED    mode
– FG
– FPA calculation fixes with windy conditions (GS instead of TAS)
– AP disconnect with AProt active logic fix
– CMB logic update for CSTR
– Bank limit for takeoff phase tuned
– Mode fixes / impossible modes protection
– Windshear active fGlimit
– Min speed now based on FM speeds for DES/APP/GA and FAC for CLB/CRZ
– Bank limit in NAV/APP NAV/FINAL APP now for engine out only
– Various smaller fixes

– Weather request logic improvements (ARPT stays in the list after request)

– Fix for packs regulation and zone thermal balance
– Hot air valve fix
– TAC control logic
– TAVR logic fix
– Cabin temp logic improved

– Logic improvements for AUTO SHUTDOWN

– DB loading improvements
– Various logicsheet fixes
– Rx side logic fixes

– DB loading improvements

– Rudder pedal tuning for improved ground handling
– Reactive windshear logic added

– Fix for bank > 33 and overspeed roll
– Flare law elevator transition fixes

– AIRCRAFT STATE infrastructure added
(can be configured and saved per livery / airline)
– Four distinct AIRCRAFT STATES supported:
– Set default panel state logic added
– MCDU / SUBSYSTEM intercom rate adjusted (faster MCDU I/O)

– FPV fix for FCU 1+2 FAULT

– CFM N1 indications now EIS2 compliant
– CFM MREV annunciation fixed

– ADR warn light logic improvements

Brake logic improvements
– Surface Condition affects keyboard max deflection
– Brake disc logic upodates / fixes
– A/SKID OFF ECAM message fix


Keyboard selection
– Crash bug with entering new keys fixed

– STEERING_SET event now subscribable for default P3Dv4 control axis
– FSUIPC axis use now optional

Visual Effects
– Dynamic Light intensity now dynamically configurable
– Cabin mist effects added

And a multitude of smaller bug fixes and improvements that didn’t make the individual list.

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