ConcordeX Version 1.3 released!

Nachdem Flight Sim Labs den Release angekündigt hat, ist es kurze Zeit später soweit:
das Update auf die Version 1.3 ist veröffentlicht und gleichzeitig wurde auch eine komplette Prepar3D Kompatibilität gewährleistet!

Beziehen kann man das Update auf der Flight Sim Labs Website oder man kauft sich die Software, falls noch nicht vorhanden, für 79,95$.


Der Facebook Post von Flight Sim Labs beinhaltet eine Beschreibung des Updates,

Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. (FSLabs) is pleased to announce the release of Concorde-X v1.3 for FSX and P3D!

Packed with a variety of improvements and fixes for issues found over its existence in the Flight Simulator Market, the new v1.3 is now compatible for the first time with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D, as well as the Steam edition of Flight Simulator X.

With significantly improved memory management and savings of 300-350MB in memory use compared to previous versions, full compatibility with DX10 in FSX SP2, XPack and Steam as well as improvements in virtual cockpit lighting with the use of FSL Spotlights (download separately from the FSLabs website) and the amazing shadow technology offered in Prepar3D using DX11, this version also packs several important modifications and improvements in Autopilot and thrust handling developed for the upcoming A320-X, as well as corrected drag for supersonic descents, improved fuel consumption characteristics matching the real-world aircraft tables and all-new sonic-boom effects experienced when in Tower or Fly-By views, together with a variety of smaller improvements to make for the best Concorde-X product ever!

Offering the most complete Concorde aircraft simulation ever produced for a desktop flight simulator, Concorde-X v1.3 is also one of the easiest to fly and sets a new standard for aircraft systems accuracy, stunning photo-realistic 2D graphics, exquisitely detailed external and virtual cockpit modeling and a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience. Concorde-X v1.3 is available for electronic purchase and download from the Flight Sim Labs website at .

in welchem nun die Schatten von und in Prepar3D mit DX11 eingebaut wurden, als auch viele Verbesserungen an z.B. dem Autopiloten, dem hauseigenem programm “FSL Spotflights” in Kombination mit ConcordeX und vielen mehr.


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